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Plastic Extruder
The offered Plastic Extruders are integrated with different small and big components, for example, gearbox, feed throat, heat bands, feed screw and barrel. These components are effectively lubricated with chemical- and water-safe oils to facilitate fast extrusion procedure under all operating conditions. By value of their premium performance, these machines have been broadly utilized for many years in plastic, metal and many more industries. Our Plastic Extruders are also incorporated with a hi-tech motor and control panel to regulate the extrusion tasks at any point and as required. They can be utilized for forming varied plastic items, for example, squeeze tubes, plates, blown films and many more.
Plastic Pipe Machine
The delivered Plastic Pipe Machines are likewise called HDPE pipe making machines that utilize both the twin and single screw extruder to dissolve and plasticizing the plastic material and pipe mold. These systems are broadly utilized to form diverse size strong pipes, when the customers need to make layered HDPE pipe, the machines are distinctive with HDPE pipe systems. The most HDPE and PE pipes produced from our Plastic Pipe Machines are rust safe as well as can be utilized over 20 years while sending transport oil or water in them. PE regularly has two sorts that are HDPE and LDPE, where HDPE is typically utilized in making pipes as it has more capacity to tolerate the lifted pressures.